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Alan is currently undertaking a BTEC 3 in driver education, and he employs coaching techniques to deliver client-centred learning, where you learn at your own rate in in your own style. Alan welcomes beginners and all standards, especially the more nervous who can rely upon Alan's calm rapport. Alan's travel time to and from your appointments is not deducted from your tuition time - all appointments are of 2 hours and you receive the full time for which you pay. 2 hour appointments make more effective use of time and funds. Alan invites you to take an introductory appointment at a nominal price, so that you can decide whether you can work with him, and if so, then agree a reasonable rate of fees which you can afford and which Alan agrees earn him a living.
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26 Selham Close
Crawley, West Sussex
RH11 0EH
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Alan Pontet

Alan Pontet has been driving since 1973, and all his working life has involved driving. He has recently moved from London to Crawley, where he lived previously until the midľ1980s.

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